Turning trash into trend.

Welcome people.

So after a very hectic few months upcycling some fabulous pieces I have given in to the pressure and started a blog.  I’m hoping by this you will get to see and love what I do and possibly inspire some of you to take up your own upcycling furniture design.  I will do my best to keep you informed of all materials, hints, tips and even tell you about the mishaps and pit falls on the way.

I’ve always had a passion for upcycling and redesigning furniture.  Just recently it started to grow into something much bigger.  After creating a few unique pieces for my home I started to get a few requests and commission work.  Once I got over the “precious stage”.  What I mean by that is the stage where you cant let it go and find fault in it so much that you don’t know when to stop working on it to perfect it, you don’t believe its good enough for anyone, I was amazed at how much pleasure I got from recycling, renovating and then rehoming all the projects.

I have rules about what I do.  No vandalising for a start.  I see this a lot with upcycling.  Just because a piece of furniture is vintage, retro or just plain old doesn’t mean it will look better painted or papered.  With a bit of loving a perfectly good set of 1960’s original Ercol chairs can be brought back to life with wood dyes and oils and painting I feel should be the last option.  Upcycling any piece of furniture should be thought about carefully.  Think about who might want to upcycle or renovate it in the future.  Using harsh adhesives with paper may cause problems or even damage to the piece in a few ears to come.  I try and work with the piece and am sensitive to the cause.



About mucknbrass

After 15 years as a nail technician with a portfolio including editorials for Vogue, Harpers, Grazia and Dazed and Confused, and movies such as Disneys Maleificent with Angelina Jolie, I created Muck N Brass to combine my love of design and passion for upcyling.
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3 Responses to Turning trash into trend.

  1. so glad you are doing this…..popped in and saw your stuff in the ship.stunning….well done:-X

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